Sam Would Have Fallen In Crisis Like Savitri!

Everyone knows how yesteryear actress, legend Savitri suffered in real life despite attaining superstardom in reel life. Savitri entered into wedlock with Gemini Ganeshan, who was already married and then their relation hit rock bottom and she got addicted to drinking and breathed her last in a miserable manner.

Samantha, who became the most desirable woman of Hyderabad 2019, speaking to scribes stunned all saying had she not come out of her previous relationship, she would have met with the same fate as that of Savitri.

It is known that Samantha’s affair with actor Siddharth did rounds and rumors about their marriage also surfaced when the two were seen performing rituals in Srikalahasti temple.

Samantha, however, broke up and both parted ways and later Samantha married Naga Chaitanya in 2017 in Goa and is now leading a happy life.

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Samantha speaking about her relation said that she would have fallen into a crisis in personal life like Savitri but added that she soon realized it and walked out of the relationship before it was too late.

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